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Be Kind, Always.

Habib 1 min read
Be Kind, Always.
Photo by Belinda Fewings / Unsplash

Towards a quieter, friendlier web • Cory Dransfeldt:

You can, and should, choose to be kind. Empathy is paramount and extending grace to whoever it is you're talking to can only help.

The web can sometimes be a very hostile place, subject to your chosen circle; communities you join, people you follow on said communities, how you conduct and portray yourself online etc can all influence your behaviour online, not to mention whatever real-life behavioural shifts you may be experiencing that could easily influence and dictate your choices of reproach to events online.

Practising kindness is one of the staples of my very being, especially online to others whose only means of interaction with you is via strings of texts on a screen. Nevertheless, we should all constantly, without fail, always check and remind ourselves that whomever we are interacting with, irrespective of the subject, gender, race, or sexual orientation, there is another human on the other side of that screen.

Constantly remind yourself of your core values (if you have any, and you should) in how you should want to be treated. Broaden those values beyond how you would like to be treated and practice the core values that should widely apply to the civility of being human.

I get immeasurable immense joy when I put the above into practice and it results in an uncompromising sequence of events that turns difficult interactions into more amicable discourse that leaves both parties feeling the joys of kindness.

Be kind, Always.



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