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EchoFeed is an excellent choice for those who require granular control over the automatic distribution of their post content link.
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If you have a blog, or multiple blogs, and have a presence on multiple social networks and platforms, you probably are in the circle of publishers that wish to have their content automatically distributed to those networks and platforms.

Meet EchoFeed, by Robb Knight.


It supports reading RSS and Atom and JSON feeds and then posting those items to Mastodon and and Bluesky and GitHub and LinkAce. Or it can send them as Webmentions and Webhooks.


There are already a few services providing solutions for this exact thing at varying levels — MastoFeed,, for example. What makes EchoFeed stand out, however, is the granular customisation of variables you can attach to the post content EchoFeed sends out; title, summary, link, author, tags, and hashtags to name a few.

Bonus: There’s an option you can activate where the EchoFeed Amplify account on Mastodon will boost your shared post sent from the Echo(es) you set up.

I’m using blogging as the main example here, but you can, of course, use this service to fetch and post to other networks and platforms as long as there’s an RSS, Atom or JSON feed it can fetch from.

I’ve set up one Echo (so far) with this blog to automatically post to my Mastodon account to test it out and make adjustments with the content variables where necessary. Having recently simplified and aligned my social presence online, I will be sure to sign up for the EchoFeed Pro to set up multiple echoes and take advantage of the easy distribution of new blog posts on socials.

Introducing Chamline!

Introducing Chamline!

Greetings and welcome to Chamline! In this new world of social media disruption, it is apparent that having your own space online is essential.
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