My Trust in Tech Companies

Habib 1 min read
My Trust in Tech Companies
Photo by Azamat E / Unsplash

Michal Zelazny, writing on his Untitled Blog:

I trust myself and nothing more, there’s no company that can convince me they’re trustworthy. Not anymore.

I started to seriously evaluate my use of services from tech companies in the early 2010s. In particular, how they handled data collected from my use of their service, considering the moral and ethical practices in which most tech companies operate.

Let’s be clear, tech companies are driven by business-profit first and foremost, how they incorporate moralistic and ethical practices into their operation may be at the mercy of the companies business profit mission, among other reasons.

I, personally, unequivocally have no 100% trust in any tech company currently to unilaterally get it right all the time balancing moralistic, ethical and legal practices in which they operate. It's tough for any company to fulfil this trifecta of business operating principles all the time.

I trust some more than others, and will continue to place a good degree of trust in any tech company until they give me reason(s) not to. It is a simple case of going with the lesser of the evils for me right now.


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