The Desire for a Caseless iPhone

Why is the question ‘to Case or not to Case’ and why is the answer to not Case? I’m a Nutcase!!
Habib 3 min read
The Desire for a Caseless iPhone
Just when I thought I had finally broken the curse with the iPhone 13 and 14! Three months into my iPhone 15 Pro Max ownership…

The iPhone 12 is the only iPhone I have skipped since my first iPhone, the iPhone 3G. Every iPhone I’ve owned, bar the iPhone 13 and 14, has been dealt the curse of my clumsiness, resulting in hairline cracks or completely smashed screens. I’ll ashamedly call it what it is — Careless! Go on, roll your eyes in disgust, I deserve it. After all, these are expensive devices, so why not do the utmost to care for them given all the protective accessories readily available?

Frankly, I do, kind of.

I have always opted for the larger-screen iPhones since the Plus-size models made their debut. I have however not been a fan of bulky cases that add to the unwieldiness of the iPhone, so I tend to use featherlight thin cases designed more for scratch protection than drop impact reduction. I also buy Cases designed for drop protection to use in situations and environments where the ground will have no mercy and outmatch whatever the iPhone's latest industry-grade glass strength is.

It’s a rarity that I outright dislike the shape and feel of iPhone designs. Yes, even the stainless steel sharp-edged iPhone models that dealt you the pinky finger fatigue and dent to boot, not to forget the potential wrist issues from the heft of the phone.

With every new or iterated design, I’ve loved the look and feel of each one of them to the point I am usually faced with the constant decision-making of whether to put a Case on it or not! Given my history with smashing iPhone screens to smithereens (on a couple of occasions), I eventually let common sense and ‘peace of mind’ prevail. I start off babying the device, Case on, being extra mindful of how and where I place the device. Frequently, in the comforts of home, I will take the case off and enthuse over the device's design and feel, yearning for the day my clumsiness plays no part in preventing me from using the iPhone without a Case.

In terms of screen protectors, I have never been a fan of them either, especially some of the earlier iterations that stripped away or degraded the benefits of the iPhone display advancements such as Multi-Touch technology. With every new iPhone, I purchase and install a screen protector, and rip it off within a month. The biggest issue I had, though, was the touch input lag some earlier non-advanced glass screen protectors had, which frustrated me a lot. Screen protectors have come a long way, though. For the first time, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I had a screen protector on it the entire time I had it until I handed it down to my daughter. I continued the practice with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. I can say I am comfortable using screen protectors without any of the limitations.

As time went by, with the novelty starting to wear off — especially with the fast-approaching new iPhone release season — I started to bravely (some will call it stupidly) use the iPhone without a Case beyond the comforts of home. Again, trying to be mindful and as careful as I can be, but, there are certain human traits that no metaphysical solution will magically prevent them from running their course. My clumsiness is always prepared and ready to play its part.

Anyway, excuse me, for I am about to disgust you even more.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max

With the insurance of AppleCare+ in place, I decided the iPhone 15 Pro Max with its delightful smooth curved titanium edges and featherlight feel, I wanted to enjoy it without compromise. I bought the usual Case set; A normal and a featherlight thin Case, but hardly used them. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, with just the screen protector and no Case, dropped on a stone-filled driveway and met its faith. I didn’t experience the expected time stood-still motion as the phone weightlessly drops to the ground and the visualisation of a smashed device sends a shock through your system, and you hesitate to pick up the phone.

I do not know what it was; the fact that this happened so many times with my devices that it is no longer a heartbreaking worry or the arrogance of knowing whatever the outcome, I have got AppleCare+ cover that will take care of it. I just calmly picked up the device, saw the smashed glass around the camera module housing, and let out a sigh of relief it wasn’t the camera lens itself or the front screen. Phew! AppleCare+ replaced the back of the device with a £25 excess fee. Fresh new tempered glass screen protector and a 0.3 mm Ultra-slim featherlight Case back on the device, which gives me a near naked iPhone feel for now, until we approach new iPhone release season and I contemplate going case-less, again!

Sadly, I will never be inducted into the ‘Pristine’ iPhone Hall Of Fame.

How many people do you know of who have smashed the glass on almost every iPhone they’ve ever owned? If the answer is none, I’m sorry to have ruined your belief it is an impossibility because you now know of one, me, yours truly!


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