Chamline One Year Blogversary

April 29, 2024, marked one year since I published the first post on Chamline.
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Chamline One Year Blogversary
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Based on the frequency and number of posts published, a publisher extraordinaire I am not. Regardless, I have received a respectable showing of interest and appreciation for the posts. This is despite the fact I have yet to write anything significant that delivers critical expertise breaking down and providing expert analysis of particular topics in a punditry fashion. A skill and know-how that helps elevate the prominence of blogs on the web — if that’s your aim.

What’s behind the low number of published posts on Chamline?

Approximately 23 blog posts in one year.

That’s one week or month of posts on many blogs I follow. If that’s you, I respect your penchant to write and publish so frequently. 🫡

I can give you the spiel about quality over quantity, how busy life is, or not having enough to write about, but I shan’t. If anything, I find writing the easy part, I can empty my thoughts and write a rough draft of 200–1000 words on many topics within a ten-minute window on many occasions. Editing it, however, takes time and without the right energy and frame of mind, I procrastinate a lot.

Depending on the subject, during editing, I can be indecisive about structuring posts and think far too much about how it may read to others, or what others will think about it. This may be down to the fact when I chose Ghost as the blogging platform, I came to the realisation it's a platform with finely crafted publications geared towards building audiences. Although I had no plans to concentrate on building an audience per se, I do have what I can describe as a high desire to make sure whatever I decide to hit publish on, is written concisely. I’m not trying to create a perfect picture book of blog entries here, but, by the same token, I’d like to make sure the blog remains respectfully produced, which again, leads to a lot of indecisiveness on what to publish.

Another reason is I second-guess myself a lot of the time whether I have enough thick skin to publish anything even remotely controversial that could invite unwanted provocations. I have nothing against constructive criticism. I love it when people express their opinions and challenge your thinking and perspective in a way that positively builds on the conversation, enlightening and providing nourishment for the soul in the process. I will welcome that any time!

But, we all know the internet is not a bed of roses. Rogue players are out there cracking their fingers ready to pounce and switch into keyboard warrior mode, ready to deliver their harmful rebuttals to whatever piece of material you dare publish that doesn’t meet their views and beliefs. I have a lot I wish to share regarding the state of the world, for example, but given my current mental state of mind, I rather protect that and steer away from anything that could deteriorate that state of mind.

Despite not ticking all the boxes in my blogging endeavours, I remain increasingly riveted to the world of blogging; be it following and reading other people's blogs or continuing to endeavour to make more of an effort to edit and publish what I have been writing myself.

The future of Chamline

As I mentioned in the inaugural post, the aim of the blog was clear to me. It will remain an open blog, although from time to time, a particular topic will receive more attention than others, Chamline will not be a niche blog. There are other topics of interest to me that I have yet to finish writing and hit publish on; sports, photography, electric vehicles, music, health and fitness, and in technology terms — the world of AI, to name a few. There are many more topics that I would like to start delving into, too.

Chamline is here to stay.

Despite the yearly hosting costs given how infrequently I published within the first year, Chamline will remain on the Ghost blogging platform for the foreseeable future for the simple facts:

  1. I love Ghost as a blogging platform
  2. It is a platform with tools that cater to my plans to turn the site into more than a blog.

For example, I want a photography section to host and showcase my mobile photography as a starting point, then slowly incorporate other media content formats I have in mind but will share in due course.

Meanwhile, to start making the most of Ghost features, I will be activating the email subscription option soon to provide another avenue for people who do not use RSS to follow the blog via email.


I have truly enjoyed writing, publishing and engaging with people, either directly or through the Socials, whenever a post has been published. Long may this continue to be a fruitful engagement and experience.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has shown kindness and appreciation for my efforts in writing and producing Chamline.

🙏 Thank you.

Introducing Chamline!

Introducing Chamline!

Greetings and welcome to Chamline! In this new world of social media disruption, it is apparent that having your own space online is essential.
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