Introducing Chamline!

Greetings and welcome to Chamline! In this new world of social media disruption, it is apparent that having your own space online is essential.
Habib 1 min read
Introducing Chamline!

Chamline is an independent publication created by Habib, my virtual repository where I will be writing and sharing my thoughts, perspective and views on varying subjects I deem share-worthy, occasionally in the form of curation and commentary - where necessary - on diverse content selection of topics I find informative, intriguing, captivating, educational, inspirational or super cool.

The aim as of writing this inaugural post is clear to me. However, Chamline will be an evolving blog shaped and guided predominantly by circumstantial changes and shift to my online presence, interests and any other unforeseen future developments.

I have witnessed and seen a handful of blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels launched with a mission statement that ended up going off-tangent to what their intentions and aim were, hence why I stressed in this introductory post that Chamline is an evolving site. How's that for a disclaimer? I wanted that flexibility, the ability to shift along with cultural changes, and have that reflected on the site through the blog post entries I publish.

In this new world of social media platform disruption, it is apparent that having your own space online is essential. Chamline will be my catch-all blog of current and future interests developed as we peruse this new world - A timeline of sorts. Get it?

I hope we can embark on this journey together and uncover fascinating things.

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