Magic Rays Of Light

If you listen to podcasts and enjoy watching TV Shows and Movies on Apple TV, then check out Magic Rays of Light podcasts.
Habib 2 min read
Magic Rays Of Light

A handful of Apple TV Shows have companion podcasts. I’ve listened to the odd episodes from a few that someone shared the details to online, but never felt compelled to subscribe and listen regularly.

I came across Magic Rays of Light in early 2023, gave it a shot (Episode 71) and immediately loved the passion and synergy between Sigmund and Devon discussing all things Apple TV: From deep dives with expert analysis and reviews of Apple TV Shows and Movies to sharing their thoughts about the software operating the Apple TV and the hardware itself. Even some Apple Arcade gaming thrown in. Insta-subbed.

Over the next 33 episodes (104 released episodes as of writing this), Magic Rays of Light became my Monday commute companion as each episode I listened to continued to deliver and retained my interest. All made possible by the hosts' passion-driven authentic love for TV Shows and Movies, and their ability to delve beyond what's on the surface of these shows.

Their professionalism is unquestionable.

I often wondered how long until the Show garnered enough credit and recognition as one of, if not the best Apple TV podcast out there and got scooped by a Network. Seems like MacStories has been listening, and keeping an eye on the Show's progress as they recently announced Magic Ray of Lights, along with its hosts (who will both continue to produce the show), are joining Macstories’ podcast lineup.

Devon Dundee, writing on his personal blog:

I am thrilled to be joining the MacStories team! It’s a site and a team that I’ve revered for years, so it’s an honor to come aboard. Sigmund and I will continue producing the podcast we love to make, now under the MacStories banner.

I couldn’t be more thrilled for Sigmund and Devon now being a part of one of the most respected publications in the Apple tech publishing circle, and I wish them well in their new home.

If you listen to podcasts and enjoy watching TV Shows and Movies on Apple TV, then check out, subscribe and listen to Magic Rays of Light podcasts.

I think it’s fitting to end this post by borrowing their trademark episode-closing farewell:

“Stay safe, watch some Apple TV, play some Apple Arcade, and have a great day”

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