My Favourite Apple TV Plus Shows and Movies

TV Shows, Movies and Documentaries I’d gladly rewatch.
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iPad displaying the Apple TV Plus interface highlighted by a featured banner for a show called "Slow Horses."
Apple TV Plus on the iPad

I used to have Cable TV services provided by Virgin Media at a discounted rate, thanks to my employment with the company at that time. However, changing jobs and moving to a new house allowed me to review my cable service usage and cost. I decided to cut the cord and made the switch to streaming services instead. I opted for Netflix as my main streaming service, given its extensive collection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Not only that, but I found it to be a great option.

The introduction of Apple One

As part of my Apple One Premier subscription, I get access to the full Apple TV+ catalogue of TV shows, movies, and documentaries to watch on a multitude of devices using the Apple TV app available on those platforms. Although the catalogue is not as vast as Netflix’s, the quality and diversity of shows have, for the most part, been on point and to my liking, thus making me consider unsubscribing from Netflix and other streaming services. I haven’t completely cut ties, however, rather than maintaining a continuous monthly sub on the other streaming services, I just subscribe (and immediately cancel the sub) whenever a series I’m interested in watching is available on those platforms.

Apple TV+ Plus is now my main TV and Movie streaming service thanks to the tie-in with Apple One and, frankly, some rather good shows to watch — not many have the clout of Netflix's popularity, but very well respected and recognised shows if the number of award show nominations and wins is to go by.

The pick of the bunch

I intended to do an end-of-year ‘Favourite Movies & TV Shows of 2023’ like all the cool kids were doing, but never got around to finalising this post. But hey, I don’t think there’s ever the wrong time to publish and share such a post.

I’ve refrained from providing summaries on why I favoured these to avoid spoilers, I probably wouldn’t do them justice, for that, you should listen to the Magic Rays of Light Podcast for better analysis of the shows.

So without further ado, here are the TV shows and movies — in no particular order— I’ve enjoyed the most on Apple TV+ so far.

TV Shows:

  • Silo
  • See
  • Shrinking
  • Bad Sisters
  • Slow Horses
  • The Morning Show
  • Tehran
  • Criminal Record
  • Lessons In Chemistry
  • Ted Lasso
  • For All Mankind
  • Hijack
  • The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey


  • The Banker
  • Greyhound
  • Tetris
  • Killers of the Flower Moon
  • Finch
  • Flora and Son

Although on the documentary side, I’d give a deserved shout-out to Earth at Night and Little America.

I wouldn’t claim to be the king of binge-watching TV Show series but, it sure is my preferred method, and I have watched and thoroughly enjoyed plenty of shows on Apple TV+. Far more than the pick of the bunch I’ve listed above.

I picked the above because I very seldom rewatch TV Show series in particular. I’d gladly rewatch all of the above if time permitted and my Up Next queue wasn’t growing larger.

Do you have a list of favourite Apple TV+ shows? I’ll be happy to hear from you about your favourite shows you’ll recommend. I may just discover something new that may have fallen from my radar.

You can reach me on Mastodon or via email. Thanks in advance.


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